The Cottage Cleaning Co.
The Cottage Cleaning Co.

Property Management

An all year round management service designed is available to help maintain and present your cottage at its' highest standard

Annual Spring Cleaning

This will be undertaken prior to your main letting period, or at any other time if you so wish


All bed-making and cleaning undertaken for the number of lets in your package.


We will deliver your laundry to the commercial laundry service provider, collect it when it is ready, and return it to your property. The cleaning cost is not included, but can be added to your package.

Welcome Packs

Welcome packs can be chosen to reflect your style and budget. A standard welcome pack could include:

o Locally made cakes

o Organic semi-skimmed milk

o A selection of teas or other beverages.

Other Welcome Packs such as Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day can also be arranged.


Guests will appreciate an attractive presentation of fresh flowers

Guests’ Starter Packs

We can provide your guests with some of those essential items that they may not have thought of bringing with them – toilet rolls, bin bags, dishwasher tablets, and so on.

Emergency Call-Outs

A contact number will be made available to you to contact us at any time to attend your property in the event of an emergency. We will report to you, and with your approval and instruction, will try to deal with each situation as quickly as possible.

Guests’ Emergency Call-Outs

Your guests can contact you, and we can attend on your behalf. We will report to you before undertaking whatever action is called for.

Adverse weather checks

Subject to your instructions, we will visit your property after any significant adverse weather event to inspect the property externally and internally for signs of damage or loss, and report our findings to you.

Key Holder Service

We can be on hand to let anyone you have authorised in to your property, such as electricians, plumbers, builders, meter readers. In addition, we can provide your guests with replacement keys if they have lost their set, or any other emergency that may arise whilst your guests are in residence.

Guests’ Tourist Information Packs

Ideally, these should be checked and updated on a regular basis. We can arrange to refill your information packs as required with supplies from the local Tourist Information Centre.

Logs and Kindling starter packs

These are popular throughout the year for guests in those properties that have a fireplace or stove. We can clean the fireplace after each occupancy and reset it ready to use for your incoming guests.

Caretaker Checks

Whenever your property is empty for long periods, we can visit on a regular basis (fortnightly or monthly) to ensure that all is well both externally and internally. This may also provide compliance with some of the conditions of your insurance policy.

Refresher Cleaning

If you have empty weeks between lets, we can freshen up your property before your next guests arrive.

Window Cleaning

We can arrange to clean your windows as often as you require, either externally, or internally, or both.


We can arrange for your garden to be attended to, however large or small.

Builders Clean

We can prepare your property for any planned trade work, and clean up thoroughly to restore your property so that it is ready to be let again after the work has been completed.

Autumn Wrap

We can prepare your property for dormancy.


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